Star Wisdom is a great experience in the discovery of higher consciousness. This is a must-read.
– Randolph Winters, author of The Pleiadian Mission

I’m very glad that Gene Andrade had the desire and courage to write Star Wisdom. It was inspirational reading.
– James W. Deardorff, author of Celestial Teachings – the Emergence of the TrueTeachings of Immanual

“Gene Andrade has captured the true essence of man’s and nature’s relationship to Creation, the central power and the force of all that is. This is the key to all real happiness and contentment, and is what is behind the true reality of the beautiful beamships photographed by Billy Meier in Switzerland. This, in a nutshell, is the message of the Pleiadian visitors to our Earth humanity – and is the ever-so-important spiritual teaching that is often referred to by those visitors.
This message should be available in every home and all institutions of knowledge … so that present and younger minds have an opportunity to discover who they really truly are. It is the message of a new age that has not yet arrived, and will always re-emerge as the truth that it is, until man becomes more aware and understands it.”
Wendelle C. Stevens, author of UFO contact from the Pleiades and Message from the Pleiades

“In Earth Wisdom, Gene Andrade has given this generation a thoughtful and thought-provoking reminder. In his experiences with Yogananda, Rajneesh, Krishnamurti and others, he has learned something important, something many of us need to hear.”
– John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America, and The New Good Life: Living Better than Everin an Age of Less


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