Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Earth Wisdom now available in both eBook and Paperback!

A new edition, in both kindle and paperback formats, of Earth Wisdom is now available on Amazon.

My thanks to my friends, family, and readers for helping to make this book possible.

Excerpt from Earth Wisdom

Real spirituality is not an experience, an attainment, or an awakening--it is an understanding of your true nature. And it is not the case that you gain anything from such an understanding or that you become somebody special. You simply understand the truth of who you are.

During my life, I have been driven by my intense desire for freedom, happiness, and love, which led me to try all sorts of methods that promised such fulfillment. What I have learned in my search is that it is the development of self-trust and self-reliance that is most critical. Learning to be your own guide through life is what spiritual maturity is all about. Then you will be a light not only for yourself, but you will be an inspiring light to anyone who meets you.

For many years I studied with a famous spiritual teacher who glorified yoga and meditation. When I realized that I was out of touch with my feelings, I then studied with a teacher who glorified emotions. Feeling bored after a few years, I moved on to study with a teacher who glorified the mind.

Some of the spiritual teachers I learned from were world-famous; others were known only to a few people. Some I knew personally; others I knew only from the books they had written. Awakening to the reality that all are equal and that nobody should be followed, I finally went my own way. Now I follow my heart and look within for the light to guide me on my path.


Thursday, July 7, 2016

New edition of Star Wisdom just released!

I just released a new updated version of Star Wisdom that includes new material and an updated introduction. It's now available in both kindle and paperback formats on Amazon.

This book is written for those who want a way of life and a perspective that truly enables them to grow spiritually—to find deep inner happiness and a wonderful freedom of spirit.

Pleiadian Spirituality is for those willing to take complete responsibility for their own lives, for those who have seen through the false promises of religions, cults, and gurus and yet are still seeking greater spiritual development.

My thanks to my many friends, family and readers who helped make this book possible.